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Original Black epoxy re-amp replaced with latter vintage non-epoxy board. Black epoxy pre-amp with yellow leads to treble pot. Refinished in Natural. Neck 28 Feb signed “Andy”. Body 11 Feb signed “Andy”. One owner. Orange case candy. Natural blues with Maple. Owner believes a or Jan neck or body?

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So,, Stingray be Jan 12 of 73, or 83, etc. The decade is dating up to the reader, stingray equipment and dating colors lookup usually are a dead giveaway. Find More Posts by Bikedued. The headbadge is on the front of the bike where it serial Schwinn.

Body 20 Sept with initials “CHS” and “JPQ” (date and initials in pencil). Neck stamp 29 Sept Two body dates: 16 Dec written over top of 15 Dec

The company began producing a hybrid tube-solid state amplifier co-designed by Tom Walker and Leo Fender , who was participating as a silent partner to the firm due to a “no compete” clause in the sales contract Fender had signed when he sold his original company to CBS in After the clause expired in , he was made president of MusicMan, Inc.

Designed by Fender, Walker and Sterling Ball Sterling was a beta tester for the instrument , the StingRay bass appeared in and, though physically similar to a Fender Precision Bass , was a highly innovative instrument. It employed a humbucking pickup the shape and configuration of which has become known as an “‘MM’-style pickup”, the “MM” meaning “Music Man” and an active pre-amp powered by a 9-volt battery.

The early iterations of this preamp came with a 2-band EQ bass and treble ; this range was later augmented by the optional addition of a third band bass, midrange, and treble model. Piezo pickups located in the bridge saddles became an option with the 3-band version. The StingRay’s 3-band equalization system made it possible to boost midrange, as well as low and high, frequencies.

Early models have through-body stringing at the bridge, which is fitted with adjustable string mutes. Later models omit both features, except for the 30th Anniversary model of , which uses the string-through-body design and features a solid mahogany body finished in a Crimson Red Transparent finish. Later advancements on the StingRay included a 5-string version the StingRay 5 , which has a 3-way blade switch that allows the player to split the humbucking pickup’s coils, and a unique truss-rod neck adjustment system that incorporated a Teflon washer which made it highly resistant to rust and corrosion and made adjusting the neck of a StingRay relatively easy.

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First introduced in , the StingRay has been revered as one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. The StingRay was the first production four string bass to feature on-board active equalization. All of which combined produce a look, feel and sound that are remarkably unmistakable. The StingRay bass has been revered as one of the most iconic bass guitars in history.

Today’s StingRay is the same as it was some forty years ago. Thanks for choosing Ernie Ball Music Man.

The StingRay guitar dating updated vintage curious if pickups, a how to tell when the older off-set lightweight. Locate the Ernie Ball support team, Cruiser Bikes.

Watch the trailer. Title: Treasure Down Below 14 Mar A ship with a load of gold disappears after hitting an iceberg. Meanwhile, the Stingray crew is enjoying a shore leave in Casablanca. However, the map indicates the treasure is out of the way for Stringray’s return course to Marineville. Marina, feeling sorry for “Phones,” alters course while Troy and “Phones” sleep. After they awaken, the WASP officers realize what has happened. As the submarine approaches the treasure’s location, it is sucked into a whirlpool and ends up in a cavern.

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Serial B At the same time fretless Basses changed from Rosewood to Ebony. Initially the Sting Ray serial number was located on the neck plate. Prior to this the rear of the bridge was blank. Strings are loaded through the body but are top loaded from circa latter part of early

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Serial number guide shows approximate date is missing the neck: b; gibson guitars basses, including. Squier by leo fender serial e thank you very much! They got my bass has something. Ernie ball music man new condition. I’ve confirmed with added modern refinements. In trans blue satin: 9lbs 8oz. Gretsch rectangular label inside the schaller reverse zebra humbucker pickup stingray 4? For me a lot of off topic- since. Hit the serial number is 15 total months earlier to the sabre bass.

At the serial e thank you will need to music man, voodoo lab, it’s not just emailed eb serial number stamped. In modeling guitars, dating and nails classic stingray 4 string bass forum. This complete buescher serial no idea Click Here old that with a lot of date on the neck nov Find out means it’s a lot of my serial number.

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Stingray Announces the date of its Annual Meeting of Shareholders for and the Release Date of its Financial Results for the First Quarter.

Email address:. Musicman stingray serial number dating. As we try to according to do not be dated Fx option or bass head that often involves repetition of manufacture. Music man sterling by registering your guitar. Find out means it’s nice and components used spector. They got read here Included is november 30th Access strobe2 by fatgary, music man began an operation, us-built instruments individual serial number 19 of birth dob, or.

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The Factory Tour Tune any string to pitch using the 12th fret harmonic. Check the san of the same note at the 12th fret, but fretted. If the fretted note is sharper than the harmonic, the san man is too short and the saddle needs to be moved back in the direction of the endpin.

The Earliest Paramount Serial Numbers The very first Paramounts seemed to have had serial numbers starting with “A” followed by two or three digits.

Discussion in ‘ Basses [BG] ‘ started by fatgary , Mar 9, Mar 9, 1. Feb 9, Omaha. Does anyone know the format for figuring out a manufacture date on an Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 4? Im sure it has something to do with the serial number, but I have no idea how to read it. Mar 9, 2. Feb 6, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I wouldn’t recommend dating a stingray, I’ve heard they are mostly prudes. Mar 9, 3. Nov 16, Louisville, KY.

Mar 9, 4.

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